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For many, the key to having a strong, legal relationship with children is paternity. If you are an unmarried father, you need to establish paternity to solidify your parental rights. If you are a mother, you need to establish paternity to obtain child support from a child's father. For answers to your important questions, you need to get in touch with a knowledgeable paternity lawyer.

At the Law Office of Baerveldt & Boedefeld, LLC in Saint Charles County, we work closely with men and women to resolve their complex paternity issues and make sure their children are taken care of properly. Children need both parents in their lives. We are committed to making sure parents aren't left on the outside looking in.

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Why Do You Need to Prove Your Paternity?

When a married couple has a child, it is presumed that the husband is the father. Unmarried couples do not benefit from this presumption. Establishing paternity is required before child support can be ordered or child custody and visitation rights can be granted. It's pretty simple: If there is no paternity established, then a father has no parental rights.

Likewise, if you had children before marriage, got married and are now getting divorced, we can take care of your paternity issues along with the dissolution of your marriage.

You Don't Have Time to Waste

Every moment you have with your children is precious. To begin the process of establishing your parental rights, contact us today for a free consultation.