St. Charles Stepparent Adoption Attorneys

It is usually in the best interest of a child to have ongoing emotional and financial support from both parents. Unfortunately, for some children, that is not possible due to prior child abuse or other reason. It can be a blessing when the custodial parent remarries and the stepparent fills the void of an absent biological father or mother. Solidifying this unification through stepparent adoption can benefit the child, as well as the family as a whole.

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Missouri Law Firm Helping You Through Stepchild Adoption

Stepparent adoption allows a stepparent who, in many instances, is already caring for and supporting the child alongside one of the child's biological parents, to take on full legal responsibility of a stepchild — taking over the absent biological parent's role as legal parent. Through the stepparent adoption process:

  • The noncustodial biological parent's rights are permanently terminated.
  • The stepparent is given the legal ability to make decisions, address medical concerns with doctors and handle educational issues and other concerns regarding the child as a legal parent would.
  • The stepparent is able to provide health care insurance coverage through an employer-sponsored insurance plan.
  • Statutory inheritance rights are extended to the stepchild and stepparent.
  • The stepparent takes on the full obligations of a legal parent to support the welfare and well being of the child.

Personalized, Experienced Guidance With Missouri Stepparent Adoptions

St. Charles stepparent adoption lawyer Christopher Boedefeld takes the time necessary to get to know clients, understand their situation and guide them through the legal process as efficiently as possible. He assists our firm's clients through the phases of termination of parental rights (either through consent of the noncustodial biological parent whose rights are being terminated or through a court hearing), background check of the adoptive parent, preparation of all application and filing requirements and assistance with other procedural matters.

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