St. Charles Guardianship Attorneys

Do you have a parent or parents who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer, dementia or similar brain afflictions? Maybe you have a parent who recently suffered a debilitating injury. At Baerveldt & Boedefeld, we understand how difficult it can be when your parents can no longer take care of themselves.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You worry about your parents both physical and financial well-being.
  • You’ve noticed that their bills are no longer being paid on time.
  • Your parents are no longer able to keep the house clean and cook their own meals.
  • They are no longer keeping medical appointments.
  • Their driver’s license has been taken away, so they struggle to get around.
  • You’re concerned that predators are going to financially take advantage and take their hard-earned savings.
  • Your parents have significant assets that they can no longer manage.

We realize all of these things you never thought you’d be dealing with are keeping you up at night and dominating the discussion at the dinner table. None of us is ever fully prepared to take on the role of caregiver to the very same people who took care of us for so long.

The good news is we’re here to help give you the power to protect your loved ones. Of course, you’ll never completely stop worrying, but having a plan to empower you to take control of their affairs will give you back your peace of mind and know that you are doing what you know is best.

We’re here to supply you with the roadmap and begin putting the plan in motion today. Please give us a call at either 636-642-1024 or 888-370-3430. When you do, you’ll not only have much more clarity, but more importantly, will feel a sense of calm knowing that your parents are going to be protected.