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Latest tax makes estate planning trickier for Americans

The idea of owning one's own business is a core tenet for many Americans, whether you live in St. Louis, Missouri or somewhere else. In most cases, one generation in a family sets up a business, and the next steps up to the plate when required. While this has been a historical tradition, the rigor of modern business practices has required self-made businessmen to reshape their enterprises in changing legal statutes. Among these are tax codes, which, in these times of economic recession, seem to be making life tough for businesses of all sizes.

Estate planning woes continue for elderly Missouri heiress

The legal aspects of growing old are sometimes not visible once age sets in. Often, it is the descendants who are left to deal with such affairs as estate planning, which can lead to protracted battles over who inherits what. In some unfortunate cases, there is the possibility of fallouts over such remittances, which only complicates the legal dispute. And then there are cases where, even though living, the elderly are incapacitated to such a degree that they can only watch while their estate planning is debated and divided in faraway courts.

Revocable trusts: how Missourians can avoid prolonged probate

Missourians are aware that the division of a deceased person's assets can turn into a bitter and prolonged court battle, even if a valid will exists. Adding specific direction for dispensation of a will's assets can be achieved through a trust, created in advance, so that inheritors are already familiar with how assets may be apportioned. It is, of course, necessary that the person setting up a trust also name a successor to ensure that any good work is not undone after his or her death.

Missouri restaurant owner's death leaves probate issues behind

The unexpected death of a family member or loved one typically brings sorrow to relatives and close friends. For some families, though, there is also the pain of dealing with the properties and assets an adult may have left behind.