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We can help settle St. Charles, Missouri, probate litigation

Due to the widespread media awareness campaigns, many people in St. Charles, Missouri, have started paying serious attention to estate planning. Wills are being updated and trusts established, so that future generations can avoid probate court, where a number of complications may arise. In spite of such measures, probate disputes are common and huge estates are not passed on to intended heirs, but to government coffers through inheritance taxes.

Joan Rivers' estate plan is a controversial tale of two states

When it comes to planning for the future, meticulous and thoughtful Missouri estate planning is required, considering that a sizeable estate could be at stake when the planner dies. Although Missouri estate and probate laws are not the same as other states, certain commonalities do exist.

Missouri living wills: a brief introduction

A Missouri living will is an instrument by which an individual can provide instruction to temporarily withhold a medical treatment or completely stop it from carrying on any further. The legal system in Missouri allows individuals to use a declaration to authorize physicians or providers of health care to withhold or cease treatment under specific circumstances. The statement used in living wills has a specific format where the intent of the individual must be clearly explained.

Can estate planning avert future probate litigation in Missouri?

Missouri residents who own significant wealth and assets, but not enough that they call themselves "ultra-rich," are often reluctant to engage in estate planning. It is often emotionally difficult for people to think about their own death and imagine what could be beyond that event.

The advantages of revocable living trusts

The foundation of any estate trust, whether created in Missouri or elsewhere, is an agreement. It lays down the method of estate management, planning and distribution while the settlor is alive and even after death. A revocable living trust is established during the lifetime of the settlor. These types of trusts are unique because settlors reserve the amendment and revocation rights regarding the trust during their lifetime.