Helping resolve probate issues in St. Charles, Missouri

Many people in St. Charles, Missouri, may think estate planning is only for the wealthy, which, to say the least, is not true. In fact, the lack of a comprehensive estate plan often leads to probate disputes, most often among members of the deceased's family. Sadly, even with a sound estate plan, probate issues, which may lead to probate litigation, arise, especially if the estate's value is high.

In order to prevent such situations, the first step an estate holder must take is to prepare a fool-proof estate plan that clearly states the estate holder's wishes following his or her death. As many people may have seen on television or read in newspapers, estate planning requires a thorough understanding of Missouri probate laws. Since many people may not be well-versed in state probate laws, it may be folly to devise and draft an estate plan without an attorney experienced in estate planning.

However, even with proper planning, future generations of estate holders may still indulge in litigation over a number of disputes. The issues could pertain to asset valuation, will execution, estate and trust administration, guardianship, conservator law and so on. In many of these situations, the matter ends up in a courtroom where an assertive legal representation can help. Thankfully, our law firm has many years and a sterling reputation for handling estate plans and litigation.

Clearly, probate issues are often complicated and more so because the people involved in the dispute are usually family members or friends. Moreover, the longer a probate dispute drags on, the more public attention it receives, which is an unwarranted bother for most people. Therefore, any Missouri resident facing similar disputes can share concerns with us. Our experience in helping St. Charles residents resolve probate disputes, in or out of court, may just be the deciding factor for success.

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