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Missouri residents may need help with estate administration

After grieving the passing of a beloved family member, loved ones may be left wondering what comes next and that would be estate administration. At first look, it may seem like an easy task for any St. Charles, Missouri resident in this situation. However, collecting and managing the assets of a deceased individual's estate; paying off debt and taxes and finally distributing the remaining assets according to the last will and testament, or passing the estate through probate, can be a fairly complicated task because of the various legalities of estate administration.

The will contest procedure in Missouri: Part II

The previous post on this blog discussed some of the basics of the will contest procedure in Missouri. Once the matter has entered probate court, it does not end. The state's probate laws require that a petitioner comply with certain rules and regulations before a final judgment is made.

The 'will contest' procedure in Missouri: Part I

According to Missouri probate laws, a will is considered binding if it is not challenged within a period of six months from either the date of probate, the date when a probate court rejects the petition or the date when the court issues the first notice of granting letters on the deceased person's estate, whichever is the latest.

Estate planning errors high-asset Missouri residents must avoid

Those residents of Saint Charles who have been able to amass considerable assets during the course of their life understand that if they wish to leave those assets to their next generation without a multitude of legal complications, they must have a thorough estate plan in place before their demise. However, despite this fairly well-known rule, many high-profile people, including some celebrities, have committed estate planning mistakes, which have cost their family members dear.