Missouri residents may need help with estate administration

After grieving the passing of a beloved family member, loved ones may be left wondering what comes next and that would be estate administration. At first look, it may seem like an easy task for any St. Charles, Missouri resident in this situation. However, collecting and managing the assets of a deceased individual's estate; paying off debt and taxes and finally distributing the remaining assets according to the last will and testament, or passing the estate through probate, can be a fairly complicated task because of the various legalities of estate administration.

In most cases, an executor faces challenges if probate of the estate is necessary due to a number of reasons. For example, many people draft their wills early in life but forget to make necessary updates and changes, such as additions and deletions of estate assets, which have occurred since the will was drafted. This is often a major issue for estates with high net-worth and where most of the people involved in probate are either family members or close friends.

Since the founding of our firm, so many years ago, the Law Office of Baerveldt & Boedefeld, LLC has helped many people in St. Charles and the surrounding area set up their estates or administer the estates of their deceased loved ones. Our services include filing a will with the court on behalf of the decedent's family, repaying creditors, paying taxes and finally, distributing the remaining assets among the beneficiaries, as directed by the terms of the will.

In addition to administering the estate for people who are not embroiled in probate legal issues, our lawyers can also serve as trustee for testamentary trust accounts. Additionally, our lawyers can also represent St. Charles residents in the event probate litigation is needed. All of our efforts are directed toward providing high-quality services to our clients so they may resolve all issues pertaining to estate administration while ensuring that the decedent's wishes are fulfilled.

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