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Revocable living trusts help address many estate planning issues

Financial assets are built over time and usually with great effort. People who have worked hard building assets want to ensure their smooth passage to the next generation. Many Missouri residents prepare an estate plan, which addresses how these assets would be distributed after their death.

What is a nuncupative will under Missouri law?

When people realize that death is imminent because of a health condition, they may want to get their affairs in order and make sure their estates are administered and distributed as they intend. To address this concern, Missouri law allows these people to make nuncupative wills -- that is, oral wills -- in the days, hours or minutes before their death.

Some unique trusts that may interest many in Missouri -- Part II

Many people in Saint Louis and in the rest of Missouri have created trusts as a part of their estate plan. However, once the trust is created, a person may need special provisions to accommodate for the hurdles life may throw his or her way. The previous post on our blog discussed three unique trusts that may interest those people who have already created traditional trusts.

Some unique trusts that may interest many in Missouri -- Part I

As many people may agree, trusts can be a secure way of ensuring that the person's assets will be left for the next generation. That is largely because trusts effectively address a number of unique situations and circumstances. As a result, a large number of people in Missouri have created trusts and made it an integral part of their estate plan. However, after a trust has been created, sometimes, circumstances change and the requirements of the trust changes.