Missouri attorneys can help avoid probate litigation

Missouri residents have come to understand the importance of having their estate planning in order to protect not only their interests but also the interests of their children, grandchildren and spouse. State authorities have established various initiatives and awareness programs to emphasize the need to create a will, even for people who do not have a vast estate and properties. Even then, there are various instances in which the will that was drafted is found to be invalid by the court.

In that case, it becomes extremely important for the person who has willed the assets and property to the heirs to consult an attorney who can ensure that the will is legal and valid. In a typical case, probate litigation will begin almost immediately after the person dies.

The attorneys at Baerveldt & Boedefeld LLC have helped many clients to successfully navigate the process.

In most cases, our Missouri attorneys will advise the testator or the estate owner himself to seek legal help in order to ensure that the family does not need to deal with legal hassles during such an emotionally turbulent time after losing their loved one.

In most cases; however, probate litigation has to be settled in a probate court with the help of an attorney. If the court finds the will to be valid, the parties can proceed with the terms of the settlement as stated in the will. On the other hand, if the will is not valid, it is still important for the person to recognize that it is essential to have a valid will drafted. That is where the importance of a knowledgeable attorney comes into play. The attorney can make sure that the will is solid and valid.

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