Reasons to change a will: Part II

A Missouri resident is not only encouraged to create a will to protect family after the person dies but the person should also be vigilant about the will that already exists. That person can accomplish that with the help of an attorney. Life is constantly changing and the will should also reflect the changing circumstances in the person's life.

In a lot of cases, the testator may seek legal advice before drafting the will and then store it somewhere and forget about it. In such cases, the original will often does not reflect the various people and causes that are relevant at the end of the person's life, thereby defeating the very reason for drafting a will whose purpose is to honor the testator's last wishes.

One of the most common reasons for changing an existing will is because the testator changed their mind regarding whom that person wishes to inherit the estate. Such change in the intent can be due to a change in the relationship, as reflected through divorce or marriage or even due to children. In other cases, a testator can become very involved in some cause in which the person supports a particular organization to which that person wishes to distribute the assets.

Furthermore, relocation is often recognized as another important reason for the testator to change his will. The laws vary from state to state. Missouri is not a community property state. Thus, in a case in which the testator has drafted the will in Missouri and later decides to move to any of the nine states in the United States that are community property states, changing the will becomes necessary. Being vigilant about the state laws and regularly seeking legal advice in order to help keep the will up to date is the key to making an effective legal will.

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