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The will contest procedure in Missouri: Part II

The previous post on this blog discussed some of the basics of the will contest procedure in Missouri. Once the matter has entered probate court, it does not end. The state's probate laws require that a petitioner comply with certain rules and regulations before a final judgment is made.

The 'will contest' procedure in Missouri: Part I

According to Missouri probate laws, a will is considered binding if it is not challenged within a period of six months from either the date of probate, the date when a probate court rejects the petition or the date when the court issues the first notice of granting letters on the deceased person's estate, whichever is the latest.

Estate planning and the need for a well worded will

Probate laws vary from state to state. For example, in Missouri, the law allows any individual to completely avoid probate by creating a living trust. Along with many other legal instruments, wills form an essential part of estate planning. In certain cases however, an improperly planned estate might run into expensive legal proceedings.