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Some points to remember while drafting a will -- Part II

Saint Charles, Missouri, residents know that wills form the grounds upon which an effective estate plan is prepared. Some of the critical aspects that an individual needs to address while drafting a will were discussed in an earlier post on this blog. Once issues, such as identifying assets and executors, are settled, the next step is to choose the estate's beneficiaries, who consist of three types: primary, secondary and contingency.

Storage of living wills made easier by new software application

What options are available to St. Louis, Missouri residents who may be apprehensive that administration of healthcare issues may not be handled in the way they want, if they fall too ill to make decisions for themselves? One of the most common ways to make sure healthcare directives are implemented is to make living wills and assign selected agents with healthcare power of attorney to make decisions on the individual's behalf in case of incapacitation.

St. Louis elderly finish Living Wills on Healthcare Decisions Day

Preparing for old age does not come easily for most people, whether they live in St. Louis, Missouri, or elsewhere. While many of them have a vague idea that serious decisions need to be taken about the distribution of assets and settlement of liabilities, these are often put off for another day.