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How does transferring real estate affect estate planning?

As a person ages, he or she may choose to pass on his or her estate to family members and friends before he or she passes away. Among the assets that people generally transfer, real estate is one of the most valuable. Therefore, it is important that every Missouri resident understands certain points in order to avoid experiencing legal issues. The same rule applies when people want to sell real estate and add a name to an existing title.

Is estate planning important for singles as well?

Some single people in Missouri may not think it's necessary to have an estate plan of their own. However, succession among singles that die without a will is particularly difficult. Therefore, it is important for singles to have an estate plan that will divide their assets according to their wishes.

Why do you need to think about estate planning today?

When people plan for retirement, they don't necessarily think about estate planning. People often focus on investments to use in their advanced years. They do not think about what will happen if they pass away.

How important is financial inventory in estate planning?

Financial inventory is a very important document in estate planning. It provides the executor with all information required for proper will execution, thereby saving time and money. It also helps the estate owner with financial planning since it presents a concise view of one's own finances on a given date. Every Missouri resident executing a will should consider preparing a financial inventory in advance.

Irrevocable trust a preferred choice for blended family

In Missouri and throughout the entire United States more people are living in "blended" families. Divorced couples are re-marrying and bringing their children from previous marriages into their new lives. Estate planning is essential for such families to determine how the property will be divided among the heirs when either parent passes away.

Estate planning errors high-asset Missouri residents must avoid

Those residents of Saint Charles who have been able to amass considerable assets during the course of their life understand that if they wish to leave those assets to their next generation without a multitude of legal complications, they must have a thorough estate plan in place before their demise. However, despite this fairly well-known rule, many high-profile people, including some celebrities, have committed estate planning mistakes, which have cost their family members dear.

Three must-have estate planning documents for Missouri residents

Estate planning is one important area of financial planning that is often, knowingly or unknowingly, ignored by many Missouri residents. The reasons for the failure to have a comprehensive estate plan in place are many but that does not justify the lack of it. In fact, estate planning is one task that every individual must complete before death, irrespective of how much that person's assets are valued or how difficult it may be to discuss death with family members and friends.

Why estate planning is so important for Missouri residents

Many Missouri residents enjoy living comfortable lives, which may include ownership of automobiles and homes and a substantial investment portfolio, along with other financial assets. But, not every resident has the wisdom to keep these financial matters well-organized so that at a critical or unexpected moment they aren't left scrambling to compile a coherent picture of possessions and assets. This scenario can, thankfully, be avoided by going through with estate planning.

Timely advice helps identify and fix loopholes in estate plans

A comprehensive estate plan requires that an individual understand the goals of the plan. The person must have thorough knowledge of the assets and should have a clear vision regarding the beneficiaries of the estate. Striking the right balance when preparing an estate plan is important and many St. Louis, Missouri residents would agree that achieving this balance can be challenging.

A comprehensive estate plan can eliminate unwarranted stress

A St. Louis, Missouri, resident may agree that leaving behind a pile of incongruent documents as an estate plan usually leads to significant stress and delay in accessing funds for the inheritors and costs a substantial amount in legal fees to liquidate the estate tactfully. Therefore, a wise decision is to have all necessary documentation pertaining to an estate in order so beneficiaries can access funds with ease.